The hidden story of djing

A dj is often considered a celebrity with sky-high earnings, tours and shows all over the world, record deals and radio broadcasts; but where does this figure come from? What do they actually do?

Music has always had a fundamental role in the history of mankind. Century after century it has kept changing to finally get to its current form, where we have big, international stars, amongst whom it isn’t hard to find djs.

Djs’ activity started in France under Nazi domination with the opening of the very first discos, as the regime would forbid playing any discs coming from across the pond. The term “dj” (short for “Disk Jokey”) was coined in the ’60s. Djs’ role was that of choosing the right song at the right time, obviously based on the occasion. Furthermore, the dj would also join the various tracks together to create a continuous flow of music in a way that would sound pleasant to the listener’s ears. As time went by, this figure became more and more important as he came to be responsible for the success of a certain event and for the popularity of a given club. This is where the first stars who invented Techno Music come from, which was followed by other forms such as the widely known House Music and Dance Music in the ’80s and the ’90s. These stars wouldn’t simply “mix” tracks, but would also produce their own pieces, earning the name of “Dj/Producer”, who are very common today. With time, not only has the figure of the dj evolved, but his equipment has too. Originally, analogical consoles were used with vinyl records; modern consoles, on the other hand, are far more sophisticated but still try to imitate the characteristics of vinyl, which, in any case, maintains its appeal and is still widely used.

Lucrezia – Translated by Alison

The hidden story of djing

La vera storia del Dj

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