On our third day, we spent the day mostly in the school; first writing our article and then at the school party, that had been anticipated by one day, as an occasion to say goodbye to everyone and to talk about the Erasmus Plus project. 

When we arrived at school, taking inspiration from the presentation about cyber bullying that we watched the first day, we worked on the different types of cyber bullying and we made an article during class. 

We were dived in groups of six, composed by one member from each country, and for example there was a group that worked on phishing, one that talked about identity thief and also one about cyber stalking. 

We took information from different sources on the internet, and then we mentioned all of them at the end of the article, also with our names. 

After this, at around 13 pm we went to lunch in the school canteen and then we had some free time, in which some of us played basketball and others played volleyball. 

At around 16 pm we all went in the main class, teachers and students, to greet everyone and to spend some words about the Erasmus Plus project; every teacher, one by one, was able to express themself and to thank everyone for the experience. It was a very beautiful moment. 


After this we went in the garden where they organised a buffet, and we ate some of the traditional Turkish and Armenian food and sweets. 

At around 6 pm we went to the main class again where there was music and another buffet, we ate and danced together with Italian, English and Turkish songs.  


Once the party ended, we had free time and we went out of the school to go to Istambul Cevahir, a very big mall, where we could go shopping. 

Then, after saying bye to each other, everyone went home.