PANDEMIC AGE/Return to normality: is it really a return?

It’s widely known that the pandemic was a struggle for all the students both mentally and physically. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to learn new things. Some of us have gained new knowledge about ourselves, and also about others. Some of us have had an opportunity to reflect on what we value and […]

IRAN/Il regime sull’orlo del collasso

Il regime di Teheran non avrebbe più il pieno controllo dell’Iran: sono ancora frammentarie le informazioni che arrivano dal paese mediorientale dove da settimane non si placa l’ondata di proteste che ha investito il regime teocratico dopo la morte di Masha Amini, una giovane curda morta mentre era nelle mani della polizia morale per non […]

L’ideologia non è una strategia

E’ iniziato tutto poche settimane fa, intorno al caso della nave Ocean Viking: un pasticcio gestito malissimo con una nave carica di più di 230 persone in fuga dall’Africa che non solo non trova rifugio e assistenza presso un porto italiano, ma è costretta a spingersi verso nord, verso Tolone, per ricevere ristoro.   VENTI […]

ERASMUS+ RAPALLO/Voices from Erasmus

At the end of these first extraordinary days of Erasmus, we asked the students to tell us their point of view, to share with us all the impressions that build our experience together. Here is the result. Martyna from Poland. I was very excited, and I had big expectations about the program. I was also […]

SAFER INTERNET DAY 2021/Together for a better Internet

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an international event taking place in February every year. It promotes a safer and a more responsible use of online technology by children and young people across the world. Over the years, Safer Internet Day (SID) has become an event in the online safety calendar. It is celebrated in more […]

INTERNET/Keep children safe online

  Nowadays, we can’t imagine life without the Internet because it is very helpful and necessary especially during the pandemic. Students in many countries can learn, have lessons and meet online with friends. But we have to remember the dangers on the Internet. Safer Internet Day is celebrated in the first half of February in […]

INTERNET/Tips to stay safe online

  Currently our world is revolving around technology and the internet. Most of the population has some type of device connected to the internet, which helps us to keep ourselves informed, connected with our close ones, and can also be useful for entertainment. But they also carry a series of risks and dangers. For example, someone […]

SAFER INTERNET DAY/What is it about?

  Every year, we celebrate Safer Internet Day on the second day of the second week of February. This is such an important day, as it reminds us that we should use the Internet platforms correctly. Of course, this day is an opportunity to be informed about the importance of safer navigation on the net. To […]

INTERNET SAFER DAY/An ally or an adversary?

Using the internet on your daily basis can be considered inevitable. Little do we know about its hazards, which can come from the reckless use of it. The Internet itself is only a tool, a way to connect people and let them share their experiences or create various websites, such as databases, or places where […]


Sergio, 17 years old. How often do you use the Internet? I use the internet on my phone and on my computer. I spend a lot of time on it because it keeps me in contact with my friends whenever I want. On my computer, I do homework and research for my school projects. Which […]

DISTANCE LEARNING/Pros and Cons of online learning

The virus of covid 19 has challenged the whole world. It has also  a serious effect on the educational system of each country. Children and teenagers cannot go to schοοl and enjoy their lives. They have to stay at home to be safe. So it is necessary to attend online lessons  via their laptop or […]

DISTANCE LEARNING/Advantages of online teaching

Distance learning was something completely new, unknown until then (until the unforgettable March 2020) and it has surprised us but we got used to it – online lessons have a few advantages. Pupils, who don’t live near school can save a lot of money, as the cost of tickets for buses and trams, per month […]

DISTANCE LEARNING/Maybe there are things…

In this hard time, we learned how to keep us healthier and schools could use that to improve bathroom facilities in some regions because there are some zones in which you don’t have soap to wash your hands, and every child should have some toilet paper to use in extreme cases. Schools can keep the […]