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ERASMUS+ GREECE/My experience – Fay Andreadou



How our little journey started…

3rd May Tuesday

The day when the 24 students and the 10 teachers arrived. Everyone was anxious, everyone was anticipating that moment, we were finally gonna meet the people we had never seen before in our lives. Are we going to get along with them? Will they like us? And then the excitement, I can’t wait any longer! I want to see them! After that torturing waiting they finally arrived, outside the school we run towards them and hugged them.

Wednesday – presentations of schools and our first workshop about fake news

In the morning we went to school in order to see every country’s presentation, presenting themselves and their schools. Romania, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Italy and in the end we presented our school as well, the 1GEL of Edessa. Later, we were shown an interesting talk about the paramount importance of using the internet safely and then we were divided into teams and worked on the theme of fake news by cooperating, finding information and making a presentation. When the presentation ended we all went together to see the well known waterfalls, the Varosi and we took a tour of the city. That day we got to know each other and form our friendship.

Thursday – our second workshop about hate speech

On Thursday day we worked on the topic of hate speech, cooperating again with each other and making another presentation. Even though we had a great time working on those projects, the best part of the day was when we went to the thermal baths in Pozar. We all went straight to the pool, we swam, we made competitions, who could swim faster, who could keep their breath under the water for the longest time (no one was harmed!) and other similar silly but funny games!

Friday – Thessaloniki

Early that morning we went to Thessaloniki. We were shown the most important historical sights by a guide. Then, when the tour ended we were able to explore Thessaloniki by ourselves, go shopping and eat. It was definitely one of the best days, we all had a great time!

Saturday – farewell party day

On Saturday we presented all the work we had done those last two days to our parents and the teachers. When the presentation ended we put on music, we danced, sang and obviously ate. I can’t describe what an amazing day it was

Sunday – the depressing day

The last day of the beautiful trip we all had, because as a wise person once said: “every trip has its ending, its destination”. In front of the school we were again hugging our new friends but this time for goodbye.

Erasmus was one of the greatest experiences I had ever had in my whole life. First of all, our city got famous, many people that had never even heard of it, now know it and they actually love it. What is more, through Erasmus I had the opportunity to learn new languages and cultures as well. For me though, the most important asset is the fact that you get to meet new people, make new friends, form strong relationships and socialize. I strongly believe that everyone should participate in this program. Trust me when I tell you that you will not regret it, the memories you gain and the people you meet cannot be compared to anything else and don’t argue with me because you will lose. There is nothing that could beat this experience.

Author: Fay Andreadou 


ERASMUS+ GREECE/My experience – Athanasia Giali



In 2022, my school in Edessa took part in an Erasmus program after a two year break due to the pandemic. There were approximately 50 people in total. We all worked on some interesting projects but we had a lot of fun, as well.

The arriving day and first  day

We welcomed the students from the other countries and we brought them home to rest, because they were exhausted from the long trip.

The first day, we woke up early for the meeting at school: we started with the official welcome and presentations by the visiting delegations. Then we attended a lesson about eSafety , safe navigation, safe transactions. Moreover, there was a workshop by a Greek teacher, Apostolia Maladaki, who gave us some useful information about fake news. After gaining some basic knowledge on the subject, we were separated into 5 groups and our job was to prepare a slide about a fake news story and eventually tell the truth about it. Then we had a tour to Edessa, exploring the museums and sites.

The second day

We attended the last workshop by Evangelia Mika, a Greek teacher too. The workshop was divided in two parts, the first one was about dominant narratives and identifying hate speech and the second one was about producing counter narratives and combating hate speech. After the hard work, we took the bus to Pozar thermals. It was such an amusing activity, we all wore our swimsuits and swam together.

The third day

The third day was my personal favorite because we went to Thessaloniki, where a tour guide was waiting for us. She showed us some of Thessaloniki’s landmarks and she talked about the cultural heritage of the city. Then we had some free time to spend, so we went shopping and eating.

The fourth day

That day was a special day because it was the farewell party. All the Greek parents were gathered and we presented them ourselves first and then our work throughout these days. At the end of the presentation, there was a video of all the Erasmus students, it was really heartwarming and some of us started crying.

The last day

The hardest day of all. We had to say goodbye, we all started crying because we realized that very soon our friends would go back to their hometowns. It was the best 6 days of the entire year. We made friends from all around the world and we made some unforgettable memories. I hope we will have the chance to meet again.

Author: Athanasia Giali 

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ERASMUS GREECE/ My experience – Maria Tsiligianni



It was the 3rd of May outside the 1st GEL of Edessa school when they finally arrived, the 24 students with their 10 teachers. All that anticipation, the waiting, the anxiety all of us felt vanished. Finally, we were going to meet the people we heard so much about, but knew so little. What we all felt cannot be described into words. Once we saw them we all went and hugged them. That was the start of a new strong friendship.

Wednesday  and Thursday (4th – 5th May) 

Wednesday was the first day at school. Each group presented themselves, their school, we got closer to the other students and we worked in groups on the theme of fake news, by making group presentations. After that, we took a tour around Edessa and showed our visitors the natural beauty of our city. We went to the waterfalls, the herpetarium and other beautiful sites of Edessa.

On Thursday, we worked again in groups on the topic of hate speech and attended an interesting talk about our safety on the internet. The best part was the trip we took to the thermal baths in Pozar. It was a great opportunity to relax and have fun at the same time.


Friday and Saturday  (6th – 7th May)

Finally the day that everyone was waiting for: Friday! We left in the morning for Thessaloniki. Laughter, music, little games, conversations and even some snoring filled our trip and just like that we arrived at our destination. We visited various historical monuments of Thessaloniki. Of course, we had free time, which everyone used as he wished. On Saturday, a big party was held. We had fun, danced and ate the great food made by our mothers!!! Then the day that no one wanted to come arrived so soon… Sunday. It was the most depressing day, the day we shared our last hug, the day we said our goodbyes.

My experience

I can assure you that Erasmus is not just a simple programme, it’s way more than that. It is a great opportunity to meet people, make new friends, and socialize. Also broaden your horizons, learn about cultures and things you might have never heard of before in your life. To sum up, it was one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had. It is very nice to introduce people to your everyday life. I wish not just our classmates, but every student in this world to participate in this programme.

Even you reader, if you have not participated in a project like that, then what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate, go for it.


Author: Maria Tsiligianni, Greece 

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ERASMUS+ Italya / Rapallo



Rapallo ‘daki çalışmalarımız

Erasmus + Digital Citizenship Projesinin ilk ayağı İtalya ‘nın Rapallo şehrinde gerçekleşti. Okulumuz öğrencileri çevrimiçi olarak atölyelere katıldı. Öğrencileirimiz İtalya, İspanya, Romanya ve Polonya’dan projeye katılan öğrenciler ile tanışma fırsatı bulup “İnfografik tasarım” üzerine gruplar halinde çalışmalar yaptılar.

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