DISTANCE LEARNING/Between difficulties and problems

In this pandemic period, distance learning is the only way to continue school and education for children and teenagers. For almost a year now, students have been connecting with teachers on Zoom, Meet or other digital platforms to give lessons, to make  this reality as real as possible, but this can be defined in all ways except school. In fact, through the screen it’s more difficult to do everything: from understanding the teacher’s explanations to socializing with other classmates. This difficulty is compounded by the fact that not everyone has the luck and the ability to own or buy a computer or tablet to play these video lessons. Certainly in such a difficult period, distance learning is fundamental and irreplaceable, if we want to make the infections decrease, but it’s sad for students and teachers to think about another year of school, at home. The governments of all states are doing their utmost to get students of all ages back to school, but, for now, the best solution continues to be, unfortunately, distance learning.

Although at the beginning it seemed like a good thing that we can’t go to school , now we’d do anything to get back to class. And this not only because staying home makes us tired, but also because this virus makes us lose important parts of our life. For example, helping classmates when they are in distress is more difficult from home. To share experiences and to make eye contact with friends and teachers is impossible through the screen. Distance doesn’t allow us to work in a group and it forces us to always do our work alone. We miss having a classmate to support us, we miss listening to live lessons about our favorite subject and we miss being able to see the teachers when they speak. We need the hugs of our friends. We need to get back to our normal life!

One of the annoying problems of distance education is technical problems. These are problems that sometimes students and sometimes teachers experience at least once. The most common ones are camera, microphone and internet problems. While some can find solutions, some still struggle with their problems. It is possible to listen to the lecture when our camera and microphone are broken, but what if our internet is broken? And even if we don’t have the internet! While managing the internet in today’s world, many children still cannot access the internet. Unfortunately, the school administration and the state cannot lend a hand to every child. Unfortunately, for now, distance learning is the only possible solution to move forward. with the creation of vaccines, it is hoped to defeat the virus as soon as possible and to return everyone to school, the real one.