DISTANCE LEARNING/Pros and Cons of online learning

The virus of covid 19 has challenged the whole world. It has also  a serious effect on the educational system of each country. Children and teenagers cannot go to schοοl and enjoy their lives. They have to stay at home to be safe. So it is necessary to attend online lessons  via their laptop or even their mobile phones. This has advantages and disadvantages too.

Firstly , the revolution in technology has improved the  daily life of children  in this era. Teenagers have the chance to attend online lessons without challenging their health. They stay safe at home . Moreover it is really important to have lessons even in this way. Teenagers can maintain the relationships with their teachers and their classmates.

On the other hand, lessons are not the same as traditional classes. There are many technical problems. Also , many children do not have the necessary equipment like computers. Lastly, there is not much interaction between students and teachers. All of them are back from a screen.

In general, distance learning is a good point in this age but we do not have to replace the traditional with the online lesson.