On the third day of the Erasmus week, May 6, we went to visit Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece after Athens.
We left in the morning with a bus and the trip, although a bit long, was pleasant, we listened to music all together and we had fun.

Pella and Thessaloniki

Before arriving at our destination we stopped in Pella, birthplace of Alexander the Great; that is a historic place full of remains of ancient columns, mosaics and somethings like that. After the visit of Pella we continued the journey and we finally arrived in the city. We were greeted by a guide who accompanied us for about an hour and explained the history of the city showing us its main places.

We visited the White Tower, landmark of the city, on the seafront, which houses the museum dedicated to the history of the city from the Roman era until today.
We saw the archaeological sites of Thessaloniki: we were in an area characterized by the remains of the ancient city, you could see arches, streets and public areas dating back to centuries past.
We visited the “Rotunda of Saint George”, a Roman mausoleum transformed into a church, inside it was covered with frescoes and was very beautiful.

Conclusion of the day

After the guided tour, which showed us very interesting aspects of Thessaloniki, our host girls took us to eat in a typical fast food (we ate hamburger and fries), and after, walking along the greate sea promenade, where we could see some very special boats, we went to do some shopping. Finally we went back to the meeting point, the White Tower, and we took the bus to Edessa.
After being rested and washed we met again in the evening for go to a club where many young people usually meet.

It was a very long day but definitely enjoyable!


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