ERASMUS + POLAND/ last but not least

On our fifth day in Poland, we went to Bad Muskau. We met at 8 a.m in front of the school to catch the bus to the city. As usual, during the bus trip, which lasted just over two hours, we sang together and had a lot of fun.
Then we arrived to a big park in Bad Muskau, that is so beautiful and particular to be included in the UNESCO heritage.
Here we met our guide, a really nice person,  who gave us a lot of information not only about the park, but also about important figures in Polish history.
The park is located exactly between Poland and Germany. Dividing the two nations is a bridge over a river. So we set foot in Germany and in Poland!
Before coming back to Suleçin we bought some souvenirs and then we went to have lunch to Mc Donalds togheter.
After another 2 hours of travel, we reached our small town.
In the evening, we spent some time togheter.

On friday, arrived for us the time to leave Poland. We started our trip to Berlin at 7.30 a.m. by bus with our friends from Spain, here, we spent four hours in the city and we visited the most important monuments.
We leaved Berlin at 6.20 p.m. by plane and we arrived at Milano-Malpensa. After that we took a transfer that brought us to Rapallo.

Leaving these wonderful people is really melancholy. In just one week we have made very strong friendships. And we hope to see each other in the future.