ERASMUS POLAND/A must have experience

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România, Liceul cu Program Sportiv Suceava
Clasa a XI-a E, Elevă – Chiraș Mihaela

My name is Chiraș Mihaela-Alexandra, I am student in Suceava at Liceul cu Program Sportiv in 11th grade and in September 2022 I took partin the Erasmus+ Digital Citizenship Project in Poland. We were 5 students from our highschool, each of us sociable and curious about what’s beyond the borders of Romania. When the school year started, we were informed that the students who were going to participate in this exchange project, the stage in Poland, had been chosen and that the departure was approaching. So we started to prepare the necessary documents to leave the country, our high school rented a bus and on September 16 we set off for Sulecin, Poland.

On our way, we stopped in Krakow, where we spent two nights, and on the day between, we went to the famous Auschwitz museum, which for me was very impressive, because everything I read in the last 3-4 years, apart from the school books, were about all that terrible period of the second world war and especially how Hitler wanted to eliminate every other race in Germany that did not have blue eyes or blonde hair, as he considered that he had to be an authetic German, so he sent millions of innocent people to the concentration camps to a cruel death. For me, because I am so captivated by this kind of literature, it was very striking and shocking to step on the exactly same places where so many people died for no reason.

Further on, on September 18 we arrived in Sulecin where we were awaited by the host families who warmly welcomed us into their homes for an entire week as if we were part of their family.

During the days spent in this project, we went almost every day to the high school where our hosts study to do different activities, most of which were based on communicating as much as possible with other nationalities, to apply our English vocabulary that we cultivated during these school years, to discover new cultures, lifestyles and why not, maybe building friensdhips that can last a lifetime.

On the days when we weren’t at their high school, we visited historical or important places for Poles.
For me, this project was extremely important and I believe that any student who is offered such an opportunity should take advantage of it because it helps a lot with becoming more sociable, being more open to the unknown, embracing other cultures, in short, the Erasmus+ Digital Citizenship project helps you overcome some barriers that you may not even have been aware that existed and if I had the chance, I would repeat it a million times again.