This morning we woke up, we had a nice Spanish breakfast and, like the other days, we met in front of the school, where the bus was waiting for us. Our goal today was the city of Caceres.

We are talking about a city populated by 100,000 people, about ninety kilometres from Naval Moral de la Mata. We visited only the historical part of the city, which appears as a small medieval village located on a hill raised above the surrounding area. Did you know that here were recorded some episodes of the TV series the games of thrones? Yes, the people of the place are very proud of this and every year they celebrate it exhuming the medieval spirit of the place.

Our visit to the area was very interesting thanks to all the special information that our guide gave us: it was particularly engaging.

After the guided tour, the teachers gave us a few hours of freedom, so we decided to separate from the group to look at some shops and in particular look for a place to have lunch. We went too far looking until we couldn’t figure out where we were. In the end we decided to return to the starting place where we joined the group and went to have lunch in a place recommended by the Spanish comrades. Finally we managed to eat the typical Spanish dish par excellence: paella. The food was not the best but in the end we ate well. 

During the return trip to Naval de la Mata we started to build our afternoon program. Our idea was to go to the school’s gym and play whatever sport they wanted. Unfortunately when we arrived we were forbidden to use the gym but nothing has turned off our enthusiasm. So we opted for our plan B: the outdoor basketball court. A dream come true: playing basketball “in the street” in the rain; I seemed to be in a movie.

Every day that passes increases the value of this experience, not so much for the place but for the relationships that are created within the group.