ERASMUS+SPAIN/First days in the Spanish capital


Erasmus +
Saturday, November 12, 2022
Airplane port Milano-Linate, Madrid
We fly from Italy to Spain in just two hours.
And finally the project also begins for the students: Francesca Franzi, Matteo Merlino, Stefano Pezzi, Pablo Sanguineti and Marta Stiaccini but also for the 2 teachers Tiziana Cignatta and Federico Pichetto.
When we landed we took a taxi to get to the hotel and once we put down our suitcases we went to visit the city of Madrid: the most important streets, the most impressive buildings (such as the presidential palace) and finally the Almudena cathedral.
Italy and Spain which are so close and apparently similar, have also different characteristics.
In Madrid, albeit with the same time zone, they are two hours ahead; they have breakfast at nine in the morning, lunch at three in the afternoon and dinner at ten in the evening. Life is very chaotic but at the same time simple and beautiful.
The second day we took a tour of the city, still deserted because life in Madrid begins around ten and we walked to the caie gran via, to the Parque de el Retiro where there was the Palacio de Velazquez a wonderful palace of crystal with an unforgettable game of chess and later a visit to the Museo Nacional del Prado. In the afternoon we met in Madrid with the Greeks, Romanians, Poles and Turks and we all left together for Naval Moral de la Mata where we finally met our correspondents. With whom we went around the city discovering places of their daily life. We are excited to find out what will happen tomorrow.