ERASMUS+SPAIN/Last dance in Navalmoral de la Mata.

Last day for us Italians in Navalmoral de la Mata, with the day that started with the usual alarm clock and a morning at school where we finished the work carried out during the week.

After the work part and a good lunch with our respective families we had an afternoon of sport: first a triangular football and then conclude with a basketball game with the sun that was now setting. But of course it doesn’t matter what the result is, but the most important thing is to stay all together having fun..After the moments of sport and a shower at home it’s time to spend all together the last evening here in the village of Extremadura. We met all at the school where we expected a buffet: some chats, “good” food, many dances and above all a lot of fun to finish our days in Spain.

With a walk and a session at the bar, our experience in the small town of Navalmoral de la Mata ended almost officially. Maybe not the place of dreams, with sea and Caribbean palms as someone could imagine, but definitely a good company that led us to meet new special guys.

And now we leave for Toledo hoping to live many other experiences like these.