INTERNET/Keep children safe online


Nowadays, we can’t imagine life without the Internet because it is very helpful and necessary especially during the pandemic.
Students in many countries can learn, have lessons and meet online with friends. But we have to remember the dangers on the Internet.
Safer Internet Day is celebrated in the first half of February in the whole Europe. This day is very important because we should know what dangers we can encounter on the Internet. It aims to draw the attention of children, teenagers and also their parents to access to the Internet network in a secure way.
You have to remember that the person on the other end of the computer may not be the same person you see for example in the photos.
The next important thing is not to give your password to another person because it can have serious consequences. You should create your password which does not include your name, your siblings, your dog or favourite colour and shouldn’t relate to your life.
Parents should monitor what their children do on the Internet and who they chat with. Adults can use special programs which block dangerous websites.
You have to be alert and attentive about the information you share about yourself or which website you visit and in that way you can be safe on the Internet.