Sergio, 17 years old.

  • How often do you use the Internet?

I use the internet on my phone and on my computer. I spend a lot of time on it because it keeps me in contact with my friends whenever I want. On my computer, I do homework and research for my school projects.

  • Which sites do you visit?

Apart from sites related to education, I enjoy playing video games online with my friends in my free time using facetime, so it is closer. Besides, I am interested in informatics and this encourages me to enter related webs. I really hope to be a computer specialist one day.

  • What sort of information and personal data do you share on the internet? Do you feel safe?

I try to share my life with others in a safe way, this only implies taking photos with friends and family. I admit this can be hard sometimes and we may act incorrectly putting in danger ourselves and the people around us. Being safe on the Internet is impossible due to the fact that we can not control everything, for example hackers and viruses. It is important to be alert.

  • Have you thought about the consequences and possible problems? Have you had some problem or know someone who has?

The consequences that a problem on the internet with your personal information can cause are dangerous and terrifying. The Internet is an essential part of our daily life so we should be careful and aware of the riks. In my opinion, we are not prepared enough for dealing with difficulties. I luckily haven’t had any problem, although a friend of mine suffered from a hacker attack and had to be helped by the authorities.


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