PANDEMIC AGE/What if it wasn’t such a bad thing?

It is well known that the pandemic has been a mental and physical struggle for all students. The COVID-19 pandemic has given me an opportunity to learn new things, to live in a new situation. During the quarantine, some people benefited, and others on the contrary, which then had its consequences in “returning to normal”.

On the one hand, many people disagree and say that everything has changed. It has affected their lives and especially their mental health. Many people have lost loved ones, got divorced or lost contact with friends. Moreover, their health has suffered not only from the virus, but from spending a lot of time in front of screens. Plenty of adults lost their jobs, businesses, and even all their assets through the crisis, and then struggled to get any jobs and support and feed their families. Also some teenagers did not pass this time well, mainly due to the increasingly frequent struggle with mental illnesses, not leaving the house and the lack of socializing. Needless to say, the healthcare system is completely different than it used to be and has even more limitations. After the pandemic, people have changed a lot mentally and physically.

On the other hand, some people find everyday life basically the same or even better. Most of that people have already worked remotely and have not undergone many changes. They believe that online classes were not a struggle for them, but an opportunity to learn more independence, gain more technological experience, devote more time to themselves and have more time to think about themselves and the fact that life is unpredictable. Some people used their time and creativity to make various investments and start small businesses, which after some time gained popularity and allowed them to earn substantial sums of money.

To sum up, there is no person in the world whom quarantine has not changed in some way and everyone has gone through it in their own way. In my case, covid-19 was not a difficult period because I like to stay at home, but I missed meeting friends.