SOCIAL MEDIA GENERATION/We have disconnected from real life

How social media has influenced our lives?

Social media is, maybe, the biggest time consuming thing in our lives right now. Everyone uses social media as a form of communication or for showing their life to everyone else. Even if it has come to be handy for us to communicate, we have forgotten that we should be spending more time together, enjoying and appreciating our friendship.

On one hand, social media has made communicating easier, which has allowed us to keep in touch with our loved ones in real time. Also, it helped us in an educational way, as study groups or meeting people with the same opinions as us.

On the other hand, social media has caused harmful things which can arise cyber-bulling, bad self-image or phone dependence.
Cyber-bulling has became one of the most frequent form of insulting people, which has led to a lot of teenage having issues such as def-image issues, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. Phone dependence is a bigger problem nowadays being normalized in children.

To summarize, even thought social media has image communicating easier, it has become harmful instrument in our life.. Living inside a reality that it doesn’t exist.