We remain at home

Normally in Christmas I get very happy because it is a moment of the year in which I get very happy, I talk more with the friends and family, I like how the city looks when the Christmas lights are open, because it really makes you feel like it is the coming the Christmas, until this year on the Union Day of my region, (when Bucovina, the region where I live was unified with the rest of Romania), then in 28th of November, in the center of the city was made a concert and there the people can stay and socialize with each other’s.

You can also buy a lot of different candies or buy some hot wine to drink, and to get warm, but now, this year everything is a bit sadder, maybe because we aren´t at school with our mates to listen some local Christmas bells or for the fact that we stood that much at our home, and we can`t see the lights that are in the city. I love when I go to my grandparents to celebrate Christmas with them, unfortunately this year could be one in that we remain at home, and don´t make everything that big that we used to, and because the most important is to stay healthy and safe.

I really hope that we will come back to our normal life as soon as possible so we can stay together and to be happier again, to see people outside, to can go and watch football matches from the stadium, to go to the cinema again and things that made us feel better