A man with a star


By Camilla Podini

– On Wednesday, during the second night of the annual ‘Sanremo Music Festival’, something great happened. When he took the stage, almost nobody knew him. Enzo Bosso, a genial music composer and a seriously sick man, moved the audience not only thanks to the ‘he made it despite his illness’ but because we all are a little weak like him.
Sometimes fragilities are crystal clear and become handicaps, sometimes they remain undiscovered but they are inside us. When society shows us its perfect models, they scream out against us ‘you don’t worth it!’ or ‘your life is disgusting!’ but in reality life is made of weakness.
Bosso captured us because his weakness makes him more human and lets us understand that we all are human, even if we are not the smartest, the coolest or the richest.
How could we become ‘human’? We should be able to catch the little things and the Universe. We should be amazed by the dreams, by the wishes, by being alive, loved and special. A man who is not surprised anymore, is already dead.
Amazement is the human and the peace way. Try to image what would happen if you were amazed by someone’s else wishes, instead of judge them. We would be real humans and really together. When prejudices, certainties and resentments surrender under the presence and the beauty for the existence of another man, we finally meet him, we look him in the eyes, we hug him. First it has to happen inside us, with the weaker part of ourselves which we wanted to eliminate when it only needs to be accepted and loved.
Enzo Bosso proved it on the Ariston Theatre stage, Pope Francesco and the Patriarch of Moscow showed it in a airport. We can try out with our families, friends and colleagues.
Watching the sky and the stars reminds us we are weak in a beautiful and amazing way, blessed by a love for life which makes us free and real humans.

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