Fairytales exist!

di Camilla Podini

– Fairytales exist: Leicester FC won the Barclays Premier League, and Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London.
Claudio Ranieri triumphed in a championship dominated by rich teams, for example one of the stars from great squads like Chelsea, City or United, worths as much as the whole Leicester. A win gained with courage, patience and nerve, which stops the hegemony of power and money in the English Premier League.
Surprising and incredible it’s the election of a native of Pakistan man in London: it’s the first time a mussulman became mayor of an european city. In a difficult time for Europe, when people from different religions and cultures are seen suspiciously, because of the violence, the terrorist attacks and threats from Isis, this success sounds amazing. Fear and insecurities didn’t change the mind of London citizens, maybe the most international and intercultural centre of the world.
Two unexpected facts that prove nothing is already written and everything could happen in life. Fairytales exist.

Fairytales exist!

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