The enemy of happiness


by Camilla Podini

– Present is the only time we have, the time when we decide everything, the time when our lives chose a direction.

Living the present, being in real contact with reality, pain, happiness, love; it is the only way to grow up and to enjoy it.
The enemy of happiness it’s not pain, but indifference, for reality, for life, for the questions. But there are three obstacles which don’t allow us to live our relationships, our studies, our problems.
The first one is “who we want to be”. We live trying to become who we decided to be and we can’t accept being different. This image of us makes us feel lonely, sad, and we can’t love ourselves.
Now there’s another hurdle: “don’t let our desires come out”. We all have a lot of wishes, which are judged, hidden, destroyed. The fear of not realise our dreams makes us eliminate them. We stop dreaming and we stop discovering what our wishes tell about us. Each dream tells something: a story, a joy, a question.
The third (and last) obstacle is “the others and their desires”, like someone had told us that if our friends’ plans come true, we can’t realise ours. We all have a way, a direction and a life, different from the others.
Life has to be lived together, not alone. Being happy for another one win, being proud of another one success, means being alive and being human.
The only mistake we could make, it’s not to start living it.


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