INTERNET SAFER DAY/The dangers at home

In the next paragraph I will be interviewing my cousin Giulia asking her a few questions about how she accesses online websites.


Me: Hello Giulia, in honour of safer internet day I would like to ask you a few questions about what you think about this topic.

Giulia: Yes, of course, go ahead! 

Me: During Covid-19, since the whole world has been forced to stay at home, do you think more people have gone online over the past few months?

Giulia: Yes, I do think so. Because of the pandemic I’ve been accessing more websites and watching more videos and movies.

Me: Do you know if the way that you access websites to watch movies and videos is safe?

Giulia: Yes, I usually spend lots of time on YouTube or on Netflix, and, from what people say and what I’ve looked up online, they are both very safe websites.

Me: Do you ever use other websites that are known to be unsafe?

Giulia: Sometimes, if I can’t find a movie on Netflix or on Television, I usually stream movies online on pirate websites.

Me: Do you feel safe on these websites?

Giulia: Not really… I hear people often get viruses and/or get contacted by people they don’t know.

Me: Would you ever share personal data on these websites?

Giulia: Netflix has my credit card information, so yes. On YouTube I would never share any of my information in the comments, but on the other hand, I would share my credit card information if I were to sign up to a channel or sign up to the premium version of YouTube. Instead, I would never share any type of information on streaming websites which are illegal and have free access for anyone. The same goes for any type of websites I visit when looking up general information or, as a student, school related questions.

Me: When you access websites daily are you aware of the consequences that could occur?

Giulia: Of course I am. I always make sure I have a VPN or any other type of protection for my personal information.

Me: Thank you so much for participating! Remember to stay safe online!