INTERNET SAFER DAY/A good impact on my life

Guia: Hello Chiara, I would like to ask you some questions about your connection with internet for the Safer Internet Day.
Chiara: Of course, I’m ready.
Guia: Thank you, let’s start right now. First, I want to ask you how often you connect, and if you think that internet has a good or a bad impact on your life.
Chiara: I connect very often, sometimes for school, but sometimes also for my pleasure, when I’m bored or when I have nothing to do. Honestly, I think internet has a good impact on my life, because it helps me very much when I have to study, but also a bad impact, especially when I spend too much time on my phone or on my computer, loosing track of time.
Guia: How do you think internet has affected your lockdown period during the pandemic?
Chiara: I think the internet had a good influence on my life during lockdown because it helped me to stay informed and to communicate with my friends and relatives, but, as I said before, it also had a bad influence because I spent too much time on social media without realising it.
Guia: You said that the internet has helped you stay informed. Which website did you use to know what was happening in your city, or in the rest of the world?
Chiara: I mostly used online newspapers, but also social media, such as Twitter.
Guia: Do you think the websites you visited were safe, did you feel unsafe while reading them?
Chiara: Regarding Twitter, I think it was safe because it’s pretty popular as an app, and almost everybody has it, so honestly I haven’t really thought about it. I can’t really say the same thing for online newspapers though, not because I got any virus or something while visiting them, but because they weren’t as popular as Twitter, and some of them didn’t look very safe.
Guia: How do you know if a website is safe or not?
Chiara: I’m not very good at this, but let’s say that sometimes it’s enough that a website is not popular to raise the question that it is unsafe, and I know it’s not a good reason but I think it’s better to pay more attention than we should, instead of getting viruses for not being careful enough.
Guia: Speaking about being careful, do you consider yourself a careful person when you have to share your personal data?
Chiara: Absolutely yes, I always pay attention to my personal data, and before sharing it, I have to be 100% sure that the website or even the app that I’m using is safe and reliable.
Guia: So I guess that you have thought about the consequences and possible problems that may arise.
Chiara: Of course, and I also think that a lot of people underestimate this problem, and don’t pay enough attention online.
Guia: I think so too. Thank you so much Chiara for answering my questions!

Chiara: My pleasure!