The waiting time is finally over. On Friday 18th March, the European correspondents, with whom our Institute has collaborated remotely in these years of pandemic, joined us in Rapallo, to start together a wonderful experience.

What does the Erasmus + project consist of?

The Erasmus + project is a training experience for young people, funded by the European Union. The project consists of an active collaboration between the different countries participating in the initiative, with the aim of completing a work program together, designed and prepared by the participants themselves during the meetings.

In this case, the ultimate goal of the project is the opening in the schools, with which we are collaborating, of an online space, a page exactly like ours, where students can report and comment on current news and more.

How did the project take place and will it take place?

On Thursday 17th, the host families met all the foreign guys from Greece, Poland, Romania and Spain. Following the welcome activities, full of enthusiasm and participation, the first morning ended with the first project, concerning the characteristics of a blog and some creative writing exercises.

The day continued with the walking route between Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure, amidst chatter and laughter.  After we did the boat trip to Portofino we ended the day eating pizza and playing different games.

The following days, between activities and walking tours to discover the magnificent territories of the Ligurian Riviera, are expected to be characterized by socialization and fun.


ERASMUS+ RAPALLO/Voices from Erasmus