ERASMUS ITALY/Unleashing the Pen: A Transformative Erasmus+ Journey in Italy Crafting Article Excellence.

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România, Liceul cu Program Sportiv Suceava
Clasa a X-a E, Elev – Popovici Mihai

One of my biggest dreams has come true by participating in my first Erasmus+ project that took place in Italy, Rapallo. With an extraordinary landscape and extremely unique from what I was used to then but more importantly than the view were the people there that created and extraordinary atmosphere and quite frankly every one of us had something in common and that helped us to get to know each other easily.

This adventure and opportunity that me and my 4 highschool mates had as a duty was getting better and better from day to day and we enjoyed every single moment with the people of different cultures and coming from other corners of our continent, respectively : Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, Romania and unlucky as an effect of the pandemic then, Turkiye was not able to join us in the project face to face but that didn’t made us lose hope and decided to get in touch with them through video calls during workshops so that everybody could be present and no one left behind !

Our workshops were mainly based on developing new skills into writing online articles and much more such as : creating social-media posts, getting to know what an article is composed of, how to extract the right information for our articles etc.

Everything that we learned was a rich source of inspiration into becoming a successful social-media content creator, journalist, freelance writing, copywriting and numerous other jobs where this skill is essential.

Allow me to express my deepest appreciation and admiration for the outstanding dedication and expertise demonstrated by the teachers and in some cases actual public figures that gave lectures at the workshops making the right choice of words so that everybody could understand with ease and without any difficulties and also the catchy way of presenting the goal of the project.

As a reward, everyday after the workshops, we visited multiple iconic places near Rapallo such as Portofino, Santa Margherita and the big surprise… Genoa. I had some moments where I was left speechless by the emotional impact I had during the trips especially on the way to Genoa, with the help of each of us, we created a mini  concert in our train cabin making the time fly by.

In retrospect, my Erasmus+ experience in Rapallo has left an incredible mark on my life in general. I have never felt like that before and I made sure that this experience stays safe inside my heart and even now while I’m writing this article I feel like something’s missing but at the same time I feel fulfilled.

Despite our diverse backgrounds, we quickly formed a tight-knit community, united by our shared passion for learning and cultural exchange but still doing it in a fun way, all three things at the same time! What can be better than that ? Oh, perhaps I’ve got the answer ! Doing the same but seven times greater and bigger with new skills to learn and explore more our beloved continent, Europe !

Thank you Erasmus+, thank you European people!