ERASMUS+ROMANIA/Day 2 in Suceava

Our second day in Romania was very exciting and we finally took part in different activities of the Erasmus+ project. In the morning, all the Romanian students were waiting for us at their school. It was exciting to meet so many students from different parts of Europe (Greece, Turkey, Poland, and Spain).

To get to know each other better, our teachers decided to put us into different groups and each of us drew a pencil portrait of each other. It was a great experience because we had the opportunity to highlight the facial features of some of the students and let them see our point of view. Afterward, we played a game to learn some everyday words in Romanian.

We had our coffee break, and  then we all gave a presentation on our country and school and all students and teachers had the chance to learn more about us, our culture and our enchanting spots of Europe. We were all very embarrassed because the room was full of students and teachers and we were afraid of making mistakes, but it went well at last!

At the end of the activity, some of us decided to eat in the school cafeteria, while others ordered a pizza and shared it with other Romanian students. The best activity was the one that took place in the early afternoon: we all sang karaoke together and it was so fun and engaging! Everyone sang a typical song from their own country: The Romanians sang “Dragostea Din Tei” (which is a very famous song among young people living in Europe!), the Spanish people went on the safe side by putting the song “Quevedo” and we, as Italians, sang “Sarà perché ti amo.” Finally, we all danced the “Macarena.”
Around 6:30 p.m. we went to a restaurant/pub to spend some time together, get to know each other better, and enjoy our time together once again.

After dinner, it was so nice to come back home and see our host families waiting for us and making us feel at home!

ERASMUS+ROMANIA/Day 2 in Suceava

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