This morning we started the day on the right foot: eating churros!

We went together at school and continued the group work on social media. Today our goal was to make a video based on the work done the day before.

We went around the school taking some photos among ourselves to compose the video about the story made earlier.

We went to Plancencia by bus, where the music was the main character of our trip: we sang and danced. This has helped us a lot to build the relationship between us, music remains the best tool to communicate without knowledge.

In Placencia we climbed in the center “Cereza wall”, a new experience for everyone. No-one would have thought that an activity like climbing would be so demanding and tiring.

But the effort did not stop us from facing the day in the best possible way.

The activity was stimulating and fun.

Although the weather was not the best, we managed to spend the afternoon together: first at home with our hosts and then we attended a lesson of the typical Spanish dance: flamenco.

We thank the dance teacher who invited us to conclude the day dancing flamenco with all the students.

How could we have ended the day in a better way?


BANKSY/Neanche l’arte si arrende