SOCIAL MEDIA GENERATION/A story that makes us think

On the occasion of our Erasmus in Spain we tried to reflect on the topic of social media. To understand what we thought, we propose that you first read this story:



When Marty’s parents gave him his first phone he was so excited!
He spent all his time with it , playing games and talking with his friends, meeting new people via online and enjoying himself.
However, once school started , he continued using his phone the same period of time instead of doing his homework or studying, he became addicted!
He always wanted to spend time with his phone. As a consequence of the above his addiction became a problem.
He stared using his phone in his classes and also stopped paying attention and learning in class.
He started failing all his exams as he always spent more time with his phone rather than studying or doing sport.
His parents noticed that and took his phone away in order to make him study and socialize in the real world.
His marks were higher and higher and Marty’s life has improve considerably.
As a conclusion of the above , it is useful to use technology to have good time indeed. However, you must be aware and take care of yourself , either way there will be consequences.



We all agree undoubtedly that there are huge negative consequences if you abuse the use of your phone .
To start with , there are a bright side in all of this ; if you use your phone you are likely to meet new people via online.  Of course in case you are bored and have nothing to do it is indeed a good hobby to enjoy your time. Another positive point consist of how easily it is to communicate with other people in case of an emergency. On the other hand , there is a down side indeed; if you are addicted to your phone you are likely to waste your time, this will less you to have lower marks, you may damage your eyes and you will not sleep as much as before. Another bad point is that you may encounter someone not as friendly as you would desire it to be and them may not have good intentions.
To sum up , there must be said that your phone is undoubtedly useful for a vast array of situations, however you should use it in a moderate way, either way the down side will affect you.


SOCIAL MEDIA GENERATION/A story that makes us think