Today, the 4th May, is a new day in Edessa, Greece, and what is the best way to start, if not meeting our foreign friends first thing in the morning?

The day was minutely scheduled by the teachers and practically it consisted on a nice workshop and a trip to the beautiful Pozar Thermal Baths, emotionally so much more.

The school morning

When we arrived at school, we attended the second workshop of the project. After greeting our new friends, we entered the hall of the 1st high school of Edessa and started to focus on the main topic of the project: eSafety and Digital Citizenship. But this time, analyzing the hate speech. For instance, examples of hate speech and actual data on the web, that made us deeply reflect on the value we give to words. Then, we were divided into five groups, like the day before, and added more work to the common presentation, by fun cooperative learning.

Another day, another trip

Firstly, a bus picked us up from school to take us to the Pozar Thermal Baths. It’s a beautiful touristic attraction, that made us instantly fall in love with the place. We grabbed our swimsuits and towels and off we went. The energy was indeed immaculate: music on the bus, good vibes and friendship took the lead. So, we spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing in the pools, admiring the beautiful view of the waterfalls. Afterwards, we had the last quick “frappè”, bought some souvenirs and returned home to get ready for the night.


What about tomorrow?

In conclusion, us pupils met again at night and had dinner together in a beautiful restaurant on the waterfalls of Edessa. By that time, the second day in Greece was so quickly gone, but we couldn’t wait to wake up and live another bit of this exciting adventure.






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