Today we have woken up in Navalmoral, and even if the weather wasn’t very good, we had a great day.

Firstly we had breakfast with our host and then we walked to school where different activities had been organized: at the gym we started knowing each other by playing socializing games like football, basketball and much more, it was fun.

After that every country presented their city, I appreciated a lot to know the different countries where we come from.

After a little break, where we continued to socialize and talk with the other students , we were divided into 5 groups to produce 2 texts about technology and social media.

It was very inspiring to work as a group .

We had lunch at the school cafeteria, and after eating we spent the day together, and despite the rain  we went to the bowling and we had really great time.

I’m very happy to be here, since I’m  building good relationship with all the guys; my goal in this project is to create connections with people from other countries, in order to understand their traditions and their habits.

I hope this experience will be unforgettable.