INTERNET SAFER DAY/An ally or an adversary?

Using the internet on your daily basis can be considered inevitable. Little do we know about its hazards, which can come from the reckless use of it.
The Internet itself is only a tool, a way to connect people and let them share their experiences or create various websites, such as databases, or places where you can meet others online. The fact that it is a tool means it may be also used in more malevolent ways.
Unfortunately, we simply can’t trust everyone we meet on the web because we are never certain whether that person we’ve just met on Facebook, or emailed us is going to harm us in any various way.
There are many scamming methods, such as phishing, where you are exposed to visit a fake site, which would ask you to log in, (like Facebook) but instead of actually proceeding to log you in, it sends the information to the scammer. But what can we do to protect ourselves from hazards coming from the internet? It’s simple.

First of all, we can’t trust anyone. Secondly, we have to keep our passwords and personal information safe. How many times have you tried to create a password based on your personal information, like age or your favourite color, and happened to share it in public separately? Everyone can list them and try to brute force your password, can’t they?
We have to use our heads before we post or share anything that could lead us to leaking our personal information. Additionally, we have to think before we click on any suspicious link because what are the odds that you are the only descendant of a Nigerian prince and all you would have to do in order to gain his wealth is give them your credentials? Merely a zero, so don’t let your guard down ever again when you are going to venture through the wide surface of the internet.