THE WAR IN EUROPE/Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap

1o Geniko Lykeio Edessas, N. Oikonomidis

Authors: T. Iordanidis, A. Kalantzis, A. Konstantinidou, K. Mpouzana, O. Stoikos

There is no doubt that the Russian invasion in Ukraine has triggered chain reactions in multiple domains. Prevailing economic recession has evoked crises in diplomatic exchanges, geopolitical balance and cultural rudiments. In this case, Greece is not an exception to the rule that you cannot escape the ripples of a global plight.

Greek exports to Russia

These days there is a big disruption that has been created in the Greek economy because of the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine.Firstly, tourism which provides a big revenue from people from Russia has received a big blow as it used to be greater at tourist destinations like Northern Greece. Moreover, not only Greek companies exporting other fresh

goods, such as fruits and vegetables, but also companies importing grains have encountered a big hit due to their main supply restrictions. Lastly, a huge problem is that Greece imports a big percent of oil and natural gas from Russia and as a result there is a huge increase in electricity bills and gas pump price as well.

Greek Ukrainians

The Ukraine war has impacted Greece’s international affairs as a new period of uncertainty and insecurity is commencing. In particular, Greece is a NATO member and it was among the first countries to send arms to Ukraine, resulting in complications with Russia. This fact has deteriorated the Grecorussian diplomatic relations. However, Greece’s affairs with other countries have been highly improved. The increased cooperation between Greece and NATO, especially in the defense sector, advocates the role of Greece as a reliable member. Furthermore, Greece has the opportunity to become a major guard and energy hub between three continents as it has won all the respect of friends and foes thanks to the actions taken. Thus, there is no room for complacency and failures in this period of time.

Since the day Ukraine became an independent country, the Greek state has established strong bonds of cooperation and friendship. Historically, we have good relations and our cultures are connected. Greek language, culture and history are taught in Ukrainian universities, and respectively, there are multiple Ukrainian language teaching programmes organised by Greek universities in Greece as well. In addition, Greek populations can also be found in the areas of eastern Ukraine since ancient times. After the Russian invasion in Ukraine, a large number of refugees has been welcomed by the Greek state, supporting them in multiple ways. For instance, Ukrainian refugees receive benefits in Greece such as access to equal education, healthcare and employment. Nevertheless, despite the efforts of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs the diaspora community, i.e. the Greeks of Ukraine, is currently threatened with extinction. Hard attempts have been put on to defend expatriates with all the means in hand no matter what side it is on.

Ιn  conclusion,  the  impact  of  the  war  between  Russia  and  Ukraine  has had significant consequences on the Greek economy, particularly on tourism, exports, and energy imports. However, Greece’s role as a NATO member has strengthened its international relationships, even as tensions with Russia have increased. Despite the challenges faced by the Ukrainian diaspora community in Greece, the historical and cultural connections between the two countries remain strong, and efforts are being made to support and defend expatriates. As Greece navigates this period of uncertainty and insecurity, it must remain vigilant and active in its actions to ensure its continued stability and success.