DISTANCE LEARNING/Advantages of online teaching

Distance learning was something completely new, unknown until then (until the unforgettable March 2020) and it has surprised us but we got used to it – online lessons have a few advantages. Pupils, who don’t live near school can save a lot of money, as the cost of tickets for buses and trams, per month for example, is high. It takes up to an hour to travel to school, so the way back and forth takes even 2 hours – this time is used for sleeping – pupils are more rested and have more strength to learn. Distance learning also requires and extends computer knowledge – it is crucial in the 21st century. Distance learning also minimizes the stress and shyness of students who find it easier to express themselves in a cozy room. “Home sweet home”. This way of teaching allows pupils to develop the best ways to remember – some people write with a pen on tablet, others write notes with keyboards, and still others remember more by watching videos, e.g. on YouTube, which they discovered thanks to online teaching. All things considered, apart from the drawbacks, which come to mind first, online learning has benefits, as well. In this difficult time, we should enjoy having access to online learning. Our time in school isn’t as wasted as it might seem.