ERASMUS GREECE/Edessa, a breath-taking place

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If you have never been to Edessa, I’m here to write some facts that will definitely surprise you. Yes, you could use Google to learn many things about Edessa, or read a text book or tourist guidebook, but Edessa hides much more than evil eyes and delicious olives.

Edessa, known as the City of Water? Yes, the City of Water. It is fascinating to know that Edessa is a full city with spectacular waterfalls. People who know the waterfalls, will tell you that the best time to visit them is in the early morning as the sun catches the falls, forming a host of colors.

Do you like to have fun and go to parties? Well, if you are young you will look for a big city full of clubs and funny things to do. Edessa is a pocket-sized city with two clubs and they’re pretty tiny, so I’m going to say that the city is perfect for ones who want a peacefully and quietly city. The people are kind and lovely. Everyone knows each other , so you don’t have to worry about being robbed. Family life is a very important part of life in Greece. They are spending a lot of time together doing different activities and enjoying different festivals.

Are you a greedy person? Well I am. When I’ve been in Edessa the streets were full of pretty, fancy specific restaurants. I was undecided what to eat. The streets smelled like tasty food everywhere. The prices are affordable for everyone, so you don’t have to worry about your pocket money. Just to remind you that a few extra pounds are normal when you are going in Edessa.

My experience remains a mystery, but you mustn’t miss this opportunity to visit a small town full of kind people. Take care, the evil eye is watching you everywhere you go!