A lesbian princess? Animation Movies keep up with the times

by Camilla Podini

-From Bambi to The King Lion, from Cinderella to Kung Fu Panda 3, it seems that Walt Disney and Dreamworks are going to keep up with a society which keeps changing and its most difficult themes, like the death of a parent, or maybe living with a stepmother or stepsisters who make your life very hard.
In Kung Fu Panda 3, giving the baby animal two dads, the step child adoption theme has been faced, a discussed problem which has created lots of debates and critics.
Are they the first step towards the introduction of homosexuality theme into animation movies?
Many people think that audience and viewers, watching gay couples as protagonists in movies since their childhood, will be more sensitive towards it, and it could help society get rid of prejudices.
Will this change represent an example to everyone who hasn’t accepted diversity yet? In particular, Disney hasn’t made a decision yet, but they want to point out that tolerance, acceptation and the exaltation of diversities, which make us richer and uniques, have always been present into most of their movies. A strong  campaign is going on on Twitter, where thousands of fans, using the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, hope for an amazing end, where the ice-hearted princess will fall in love with a girl.
Will the princess’ heart be the only one to dissolve in front of real love? Or will also audience be involved by the nature and realism used to treat these themes? The best way to conquer people’s hearts is playing with their wishes of going back to childhood, isn’t it? Maybe by making children sensitive about the nature of every single feeling that love can create, in future we could “live happily ever after.”

A lesbian princess? Animation Movies keep up with the times

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