Guantanamo Bay detention camp : the shame of U.S.A

Guantanamo Bay detention camp is an United States’ military prison located on the coast of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Amnesty International considers it as a major violation of human rights, indeed this prison is known in particular for its mysterious ways of detention and treatment of prisoners.

Obama, during his political campaign in 2009, declared he would have closed the prison and during his second day as President of United States he signed an executive order which imposed the closing of the military base in Cuba by the end of the year. However this good intention fell into oblivion…

Quite all the inmates of Guantanamo have been accused of providing information to terrorists, an action considered as a “crime of war” in 2008. The following year Obama approved a reform, contained in the Military Commission Act of 2009, which prohibited torture as a way in order to obtain evidences and the use of “evidences by hearsay”.

According to lawyers, torture is the “original sin” of Guantanamo. As a consequence, the government was forced to create and adopt a new systeme of rules with the aim of hiding all the mistreatments  and abuses suffered form the prisoners. Nobody had to know what happened inside that place of horrors… Nobody had to find out about histories such as those of Khalid Sheck Mohammed or Mustafa Al-Hasawi who was submitted to the rehydratation by rectal pathway.

Another torture regards force-feeding of hunger strikers through large feeding tubes which are shoved up their noses and down in their stomaches. This procedure obviously violates World Medical Association and American Medical Asociation.

In Guantanamo there’s a deep mysterious atmosphere. Quite everything is clissified and defendants don’t have the possibility of discussing with their lawyers, even if it regards their situation. Moreover lawyers are not allowded to make public any declarations of their clients. It seems that prisoners’ memories belong only to the nation which has the right to handle it.

Nowadays in Guantanamo torture and brutal interrogations have come to an end, however the torture of being imprisoned in an isolated place without legal assistence continues…

Guantanamo Bay detention camp : the shame of U.S.A

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Guantanamo Bay detention camp : the shame of U.S.A

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