Stop anorexia/When society wants you to look like a sketch


by Camilla Podini

– 34, 36, 38. They’re simple numbers to somebody, but they’re also an obsession and a complex to other people. Obsession for the thinness and complex for our body, which has become an enemy.
Fear of not being loved, fear of not being accepted, fear of being judged which moves into refusal of looking in the mirror, refusal of stepping up on a scale and refusal of eat.
A feeling which links almost every woman: teenagers, young or mature people, it doesn’t matter. We pass many times fighting against ourselves and we share the obsession and the desire of have perfect shapes, a fitness body and a wealthy looks.
“Stop with the too skinny models”, “Only models from size 40 on the catwalks” announced stylists and fashion designers months ago, but now, in these last days of the Milano Fashion Week, has this promise been kept? After seeing a lot of skin and bones models on the catwalks or eating only an apple, my eyes can swear that the answer is ‘no’.
This time again the enemy it’s not our body, but stereotypes and standards imposed by society. And again we should challenge ourselves to learn how to accept us and then how to love ourselves, just the way we are.

Che cosa possiamo fare?

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