INTERNET/Tips to stay safe online


Currently our world is revolving around technology and the internet. Most of the population has some type of device connected to the internet, which helps us to keep ourselves informed, connected with our close ones, and can also be useful for entertainment. But they also carry a series of risks and dangers. For example, someone can impersonate your identity or steal privileged information from your banks or personal details. Therefore, below are some basic tips and warnings that should be taken into account to use the internet safely and with caution.

Wherever you look, the information should start with a URL, for example “https: //”.

You should also have antivirus on your computers because sometimes, a virus might become a nuisance to you. And whats the best way to beat a virus, other with an ANTI-virus?

You must be careful with the free Wi-Fi zones because they are a good way of stealing your information. Mindlessly connecting your devices to one might lead to having your data taken from you.

Your passwords must have more than 6 characters and some special characters, and also numbers. For best optimal security, using signs like #, & and others are as well a good way to keep your password secure.

There are many more tips; however, these are just the most basic ones. You should always be aware and careful on social networks and the Internet in general because, although it is a great step towards the future, and a great invention, it can lead to many problems.