SAFER INTERNET DAY/What is it about?


Every year, we celebrate Safer Internet Day on the second day of the second week of February. This is such an important day, as it reminds us that we should use the Internet platforms correctly. Of course, this day is an opportunity to be informed about the importance of safer navigation on the net.
To begin with, a lot of people utilize the Internet on a daily basis in order to learn, study or even just to have fun, watch videos and listen to music. Moreover, the use of social media has increased a lot since today. Nevertheless, many users upload personal data and photos on the net, an action which does not provide insurance. Giving information about ourselves to strangers is very dangerous and in specific situations the consequences may be bad. Thus, we have to raise awareness on this issue.

For instance, it is a really good idea to organise seminars and meetings at schools so as to familiarize the parents and basically the students with the right-safe use of the Internet. In addition, teachers could teach it via technological means, such as computers, I-pads etc. to show children how helpful technology can be if we know how to take advantage of it.
Taking everything into account, safer internet day ameliorates our lives, while it is a cause for learning more and more about proper internet handling. Nowadays, everything takes place on the network and it is our responsibility to have the main knowledge about it .