#Oltrelacattedra: Federico Pichetto

by Raffaele Raminelli – translated by Camilla Podini.

Dear readers, today we have the chance of interviewing a professor with a strong personality and many commitments. Journalist, priest and teacher. Did you guess? Probably yes: Federico Pichetto.

Prof, as many know, you’re the creator of “Sharing”. Where does the desire of give the students an experience like this come from?

Sharing borns from the awareness that it’s impossible to live without reality. Life seems to be so complicated and feelings hurt us so much because there’s only a little space for reality, true reality. That’s why having a place where people can start being in contact with the true reality it’s necessary.

How do you see nowadays young people? Lost guys in search of a meaning?

Nowadays they are exactly the same of those who lived in my youth. A social study which spread in America said that people from 1980 and 2000 are “millenial”, which means a generation which has switched the ideas of our fathers with something deeper: the drama of the existence. Our fathers were passionated in their ideas as much as we got dramas against whom we have to fight. I can’t judge young people now, I’m feeling a part of a project which embodies everyone.

You are a journalist of national level: when did you started and why?

I started writing because I saw something which needed to be told. I noticed that when something was written or told, compassion was forgotten, even if it’s the virtue which let us see things by a human view. I started in a simple way which amazed people during the years, in fact they proposed me more and more important experiences.

The last one is the collaboration with “ilsussidiario.net” which you left since few days to address your attention on Sharing. Is it a risky choice or a winning bet?

Well, I think I finished a type of collaboration with “ilsussidiario.net“: we will keep on working together in different ways. At the moment I think the right choice is to bet on something which can give voice and dignity to a whole generation. This projet, which started in a simple way, is becoming an amazing possibility – and communication world begins to recognise it – to give a chance to the young, of whom we all talk about without listening to.

That’s the point. Where do you think Sharing will be in a few years?

I think it can be a good replicable job: every school could start “Sharing” and it would be interesting doing it on the same platform, so “Sharing” would become the place of sharing for young european people to study, meet each others and share a global view. We have to promote the education which borns from their relationship with reality.

So the aim is to involve more and more schools and to increase readers…

Yes, I think it can become a national referring point and perhaps beyond. It’s an alive experience which became stronger with the roll of time. There’s nothing fake: there are days with no articles because we forget to post them, someone of us is sick or works less hard. “Sharing” is real: no puppets behind, only many protagonists.

You are engaged with Sharing, but not only: your religion classes are the most appreciated. How can you amazed young people by using subjects and topics which are often considered useless?

The answer is clear: not thinking about it. I’ve never tried to amaze people, but told a part of me. We can do it with any topic, that’s why my program is banal: I teach History of new religions during the biennium, and the new and old Testament during the triennium, by using a dialogue with modern culture, poetry, music and cinema. If you put a part of yourself into it, you will leave a sign. In the classroom there’s you: if you are present pupils notice it, if you are faking it they don’t forgive you.

The teaching of Catholic religion meets your vocation perfectly. How did you understand that becoming a priest was your way?

By loving some people deeply, I realised I need another step to be a real man, a step of completely dedication, completely consecration, a Love which was bigger than mine.

Federico Pichetto is journalist, teachers and priest: how do you order it?

First of all I’m a man, the others are only additions. We can stay without additions but we can’t live without nouns.

At the conclusion, where Federico Pichetto will be in 10 years?

Good question! I hope I will deepen this noun, being a man in order to my passions and my wishes, like the teaching and my desire of going beyond things I see and things I do. I don’t want to stop me at the Da Vigo – Nicoloso high school, but I want to open myself to the world.

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