Let’s go to Coachella!

by Camilla Podini

– Thousands of people coming from different countries met Friday night, ready to dance, sing and have fun. Where? COACHELLA!
The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual event held at the Empire Polo Club in California, where music and art blend harmoniously. The whole structure is created respecting the environment and in order to represent a place where young people can express their real souls and have fun, featuring different genres of music, such as rock, indie, hip hop, electronic and dance, combined with art installations and sculptures.
The 2016 edition will be held on April 15-17 and 22-24 for the 17th time, in fact it was born in 1999 without having success, so in 2000 it didn’t take place and it opened again the following year. Most of people don’t know the history of this festival, because it represents a cool occasion which has gained lots of fame in these past years, thanks to the celebrity who attend it: admired models, famous singers and regarded actors, who are used to show their wonderful outfits and indie styles. Also common young are permitted to enter the event, but the price of the ticket (which goes over 300$) doesn’t allow many people to buy it. Don’t worry, the organisers have found a way to bring the summer air and the happy atmosphere to our houses: everyone can connect to the Coachella’s streaming Youtube channel and join the live performances by Guns n’ Roses, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, Halsey, Lost Frequencies, Sia, and many others.
The ideas, the trends and the outlooks which born each year due to the Coachella’s, can be spread all around the world, and inspire young people who could find a motivation to express their real spirits.
When Coachella 2016 closes, the anxiety and the euphoria due to the next year event will start again. The wish of having fun never runs out, the need of expressing ourselves is never suppressed, the Coachella’s never ends.

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