Sounds Live Feels Live!

di Camilla Podini

– May 14th 2016. The day has come and has gone. I’m looking at the videos and the pics I took, remembering every moment of that night. After more than 250 days from when I bought the tickets, Sounds Live Feels Live tour arrived in Italy and, as 5 Seconds of Summer were around, it was an event. Saturday was rainy and windy in Rome but it could’t stop us: many girls were waiting outside the arena for hours or since the night before, hoping for the front row and so was I. When you’re surrounded by people with your passions and interests talking, laughing and having fun is the best way to forget the tiredness and the expectation, but it also lets you make lots of new friends and be in contact with people from different countries or cities.
Fortunately I got a Soundcheck Experience ticket, which allowed me to enter three hours earlier and look at the rehearsal they usually have before the concerts, where they sing two songs and answer some questions from fans. It was a private and emotional moment, but funny at the same time. Thanks to the VIP ticket, I was in the first row on the left side, right at the corner between the bassist and the lead singer.
The show was amazing: moving and emotional, wild and energetic, surprising and unforgettable.
In the crowd we were all close, we sung with them and our voices mixed perfectly together, like we were a single person, who was living in a fairytale, in a dream, or in a parallel universe for a couple of hours. There were no problems, no anxieties and no preoccupations, only happiness and harmony. I felt something good, I felt part of a huge family where people help each others and share feelings and experiences, I felt alive. Concerts are life: they can make us feel better, happier and closer to other people, more conscious, grateful and human.

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