by Camilla Podini

– We’re only sixteen and the competition is starting again in “Sharing”. Anyway, now that lots of us are stayed in drafting, there’s something we would like to say to you. You read our names, you see our faces, but it’s not easy to tell what happens between us. We started with dreams, ambitions and wishes, but we’re receiving much more: our friendship. None is really eliminated: there is the shy, the manager, the funny, the absent-minded. And it’s hard to think about “Sharing” without one of them. Because it is really sharing. Then someone has to win. Many of us are afraid of not passing this school year because they don’t want to loose it all. And those who are attending the last year of high school sometimes looked back, already missing us. Because we often laugh, dreaming about the final of Sharing 4th at the Fabrique in Milan with schools from many Italian cities, or joking about when we will cheer our children. Life goes this way: you want something to last forever.
So tomorrow, when we will start posting lots of articles in your Facebook timeline, remember we are behind the screen. Maybe we are not the “Buona Scuola”, but we are guys who keep learning and talking about philosophy, literature, cinema, music or gossip. “Sharing” is not a project, and it will never be. Tomorrow it’s going to roll again, but tonight we must be amazed and grateful for it. We are “Sharing”. And even if it will finish, we know that it’s changing us inside. Reading our names, our faces and our articles, let us change you. It costs nothing. Stop being angry and start having trust on ourselves is enough. It seems not much. It means the world to us, it’s everything, it’s the way of being “sharing”. Together

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